• K+M Extravirgin Chocolate | Dark Madagascar Bar

K+M Extravirgin Chocolate | Dark Madagascar Bar

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The K+M Extravirgin Dark Madagascar alights on the palate with flavors of bright grapefruit, then evolves to reveal notes of rich caramel. Light acidity frames a clean finish and a silky mouth feel.

Grapefruit | Caramel | Bright | Silky

Net wt. 2.5 oz / 70 g

Made in Napa, CA.

L + M Extra Virgin Chocolate sources the finest cocoa beans directly from farmers who then become our partners in delivering the highest quality of cacao possible.

Their chocolatiers evaluate each new type of bean to select only those with the highest antioxidant and flavor potential of the cocoa once in chocolate bar form. This ensures we work with the highest quality beans in terms of taste, texture and aroma.

K + M Extra Virgin Chocolate is crafted in their Napa Valley factory, where the team meticulously hand crafts our chocolate through a proprietary and unique process that heightens the expression of our bean’s complex flavors while maximizing antioxidant levels.

A small amount of MANNI organic extra-virgin olive oil is then added to boost further our chocolate’s antioxidants and heighten our signature silken texture. 

Good for your body, good for your soul.