Lorel Tee


The effortlessly cool Lorel tee by LA brand Jungmaven. Structured with just the right amount of slouch and an open neckline for comfort and style. 55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton Jersey. (slightly heavier weight than the Ojai tee.) See Unisex sizing guide below.

Unisex Sizing Guide: All Jungmaven tees are ‘Unisex’. When a style is designated as ‘Men’s Sizing’ or ‘Women’s Sizing’ that is simply meant as general reference to what you can anticipate regarding fit (ie. Men’s Sizing will run larger; Women’s Sizing smaller and slimmer). None of our tees come in separate Men’s and Women’s fits.

Fit:Women's sizing. Men should size up.

Shape: Our vintage cut tee. Open neckline for comfort and style. Neckline shape is similar to the Ojai neckline, but the collar itself is slightly thicker. Capped sleeves and a slightly longer hem than your average tee. Considered our 'women's version' of the Jung Tee.

About the Brand: Jungmaven was born out of activism. As a student at college, Robert Jungmann learned that trees, cut to make paper and other products, take decades to grow back, while hemp regenerates in just months, helps maintain clean water and air, anchors and aerates the soil, produces oxygen, and consumes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. From that awareness, Rob asked himself, how could he bring hemp to everybody? It had to be simple and personal, something that everyone needs – a tee!

Designed and produced in Los Angeles of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton and garment dyed locally under strict CA standards. To cut back on waste, Jungmaven does not use hangtags and ships its products with no packaging or plastics.

Laundering: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low or hang to dry.

Weight/Texture: 5 oz. blend of 55% hemp + 45% organic cotton. Slightly textured and extremely soft finish.

Softening: Hemp gets softer with use and after each wash, but if you feel the need for additional softener a commercial softener may be used. We suggest finding environmentally friendly and chemical-free options. An alternative way to soften hemp is wash in hot water followed by a tumble dry, and repeat two or three times.

Ironing: Use a hot iron while the hemp is still slightly damp after washing. Stretch the damp piece to its natural size and shape before ironing. Iron the 'wrong' (underside) first, to preserve the texture of the fabric.

About Hemp Fabric: Hemp fibers are far stronger and more durable than their cotton and synthetic counterparts, resulting in garments that a very long time. The strength of hemp creates textiles that get softer with age and repeated washing, but won't lose integrity or shape like generic cotton. Hemp clothing is also breathable, naturally moisture-wicking and resistant to mold and fungi. Hemp also sheds dirt more readily than other materials, and after each wash your garments will feel incredibly fresh.