Plum Shrub


Our Plum Fruit-Infused Vinegar Shrub perfectly preserves the flavors this sweet, summer stone fruit. We proudly source an abundance of second-crop plums from our pals at Windrose Farm on the Central Coast of California. 

We love to use our Plum flavor in vinaigrettes, dressings and marinades. Another great use for our this flavor is braising meats, if you’re looking for an alternative ingredient for recipes that call for wine. Our Plum flavor also makes a great addition to a homemade cocktail made with gin or vodka, or mocktail with sparkling water, for anyone looking for more brightness. 


Certified-Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (Diluted With Water to 5% Acidity), Certified-Organic Plums


We’ve known and worked with Catherine and Justin Welch for several years, and we can’t stay away from the abundance of fruit trees at Windrose Farm. The santa rosa apricots we source are some of the best tasting, sweetest smelling we’ve come across– thanks to the people, growing practices, climate and landscape at Windrose Farm.