• Dark Horse Organic | Furikake
  • Dark Horse Organic | Furikake

Dark Horse Organic | Furikake

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Furikake was created during the TAISHO period by Sueichi Yoshimaru. He originally called it GOHAN NO GOMO “A friend for rice.” Our blend moves away from the bonito and dried fish, adding bee and pine pollens. These adaptogenic pollens are not only delicious but rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, which may lead to increased brain function and overall immunity. We achieve a very modern flavor by combining earthy, umami, sweet and salty tastes in one blend. Although traditionally used on rice, our furikake brings life and deliciousness to vegetables, salads, toasts, proteins and even popcorn.

Organic Sesame Seeds
Organic Bee Pollen
Organic Pine Pollen
Organic Sansho Pepper
Black Lava Sea Salt