Small East West Tote

Dark Indigo

Small East-West Totes are the ideal day bag that can be carried by hand or over the shoulder (the leather handles are detachable). Once the handles are removed, the tote is washable (see care instructions below). Our new Indigo collection is dyed by hand using natural indigo dye, a time-staking and laborious process of love.

Dark Indigo canvas has been dyed with pure blue indigo and then washed, but it will rub off onto light clothing if not properly cared for (see Care Instructions below). Always store your indigo-dyed items away from sunlight as they will fade over time.

Sturdy 100% hand-dyed Dark Indigo Cotton Canvas
Undyed Leather Handles (Detachable)
Cotton Webbing Handles
Copper Collar Buttons and Rivets

13”H x 5”D x 18”W
Leather Handle Drop: 4"
Webbing Handle Drop: 10.5"
Interior Pocket

Note re: detachable handles. The leather is meant to fit tightly around the collar buttons. When detaching or re-attaching, we recommend placing the bag on a flat surface. Additionally, you can poke a pencil, etc. through the key holes to loosen the leather before you fit the hole over the collar button

Care + Wear: Wash with cold water and mild detergent before wearing. Hang dry in the shade. 

* Note products dyed with natural indigo will release color for the first few washings. This fade brings out the grain of the fabric, creating a traditional “denim” look. The dye will stabilize, but until then, wash all indigo-dyed items separately in cold water and be careful not to wear light colors until the bag no longer sheds dye in the wash.