• K + M Extravirgin Chocolate | 49% Hacienda Victoria Milk Morceaux

K + M Extravirgin Chocolate | 49% Hacienda Victoria Milk Morceaux

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49% Hacienda Victoria Milk Morceaux, Single-Estate Ecuador

Toffee / Brown Butter / Nutty / Fresh Milk

K + M Extravirgin Chocolate | 48% Hacienda Victoria Milk is made from the famed and historical Arriba beans, sourced from the estate of Hacienda Victoria. The estate’s mission is to save Ecuador’s famous native cacao cultivar, the Arriba Nacional, and revive the historical and noble Ecuadorian cocoa tradition. The unique combination of growing Arriba Nacional on one estate with expertly controlled and consistent post-harvest processes produces exceptionally terroir-driven cocoa beans. Our 49% Hacienda Victoria Milk amplifies the beans’ nuanced flavors through its lower sugar content, set against rich and creamy flavors and texture.

Features: Single-origin chocolates, ground to 6-8 mm pieces for pastry and baking applications. Full-flavored chocolate, with a rich, luxurious texture and a creamy finish

Pairings: Our Chocolatiers partnered with Chef Keller’s pastry team from The French Laundry to suggest the following complementary flavors: roasted pear, black pepper, Maldon salt, nuts, and ricotta cheese.

500g / 17.6 oz bag of "Morceaux" (6-8 mm pieces).

Made in Napa, CA.