• Nemi | Peppermint Tea

Nemi | Peppermint Tea

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A carefully-assembled blend of European, Egyptian and American peppermint designed to give a blast of refreshing minty coolness.

The blend harnesses the renowned green freshness of American-grown peppermint but builds upon it with the more intense and darker notes of European and Egyptian mints. We have captured our refreshing peppermint leaf tea in biodegradable tea pyramids to give you a great way to round off an evening meal.

  • INGREDIENTS — Fairtrade & Organic-certified Peppermint Leaf tea.

  • SOURCE — tea leaves from across the globe.

  • HOW TO DRINK ME — a tea bag goes into a tea cup, brew for 3-4 minutes in 90° water according to your preferred strength.

  • PACKAGING — Tea bags come in a colourful tube. The container is made of card paper, window material is recycled plastic and the tube itself can be up cycled! 

  • PACK SIZE — 15-teabags

  • Tea Bag material — 100% plastic-free, compostable teabags made from cornstarch.

  • Packaging Material — biodegradable plastic called NatureFlex™ made from wood pulp.

  • Made in Turkey
  • Expiry date: 2 years