• Sqirl | Andy's Back Cherry & Strawberry Fruit Spread

Sqirl | Andy's Back Cherry & Strawberry Fruit Spread

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About the Fruit Black Republican cherries are the orphans of cherries—while its origins of its hybridity are unknown, it is one of the parents of the Bing cherry, and was first grown in Oregon in the late 1800’s by an Abolitionist horticulturist named Seth Lewelling. Black Tartarian cherries ar small and soft, but deep purple-black, with an intense, distinctive flavor reminiscent of ripe blackberries. Introduced by Prince Potemkin, the paramour of Catherine the Great, from Asia Minor after the conquest of the Crimea; from Russia it was brought to England c. 1794.

Origins: This medley is quite the technical feat! Both cherries and strawberries have the least amount of pectin, so it takes careful presence and precision to make sure the texture is just right—not over or undercooked.

Made in United States of America