Small Japanese Graters

This grater's shape and length of each tooth is slightly distinct. This helps intensify the overall grating effect. When a ceramic or steel Graters is used, the ginger or garlic gets crushed causing the vegetable fiber and juice to separate.

Made in Japan
Tin & copper
3.75" x 2.25"
Hand wash only

Each single "tooth" of this palm-sized copper Grater is carved out and pointed upwards by craftsmen that uses the same technique from the Edo period. Every blade is sculpted by hand using a tool called a tagane and an iron hammer on a plated hard board made of pure copper. The tin plated copper Grater prevents the ginger from being crushed, keeping it fresh and perfect in taste!

It is a durable grater that can be redressed. After many years of use, it is possible to scrape the old blade and rebuild a new one. In addition to being durable, copper has an antibacterial effect and is the most suitable material for cooking utensils.