Aubade Signature Tumbler


Introducing Aubade, a ceramic mug in a radiant lavender hue with a satin finish. It features a Lilac glaze with Prussian Blue speckled undertones. Ideal for daily use, Aubade is designed to be your daily driver, combining aesthetic charm with practical functionality.

Our ceramics are available for pickup in-store only. Nonetheless, we might be able to fulfill special shipping requests. Feel free to contact Cameron Marks at, and we will respond to you.


Signature Tumbler, Approx: 12oz. 4” x 3”

All matte glazes by nature are more prone to cutlery-marking. Over time they can develop a delightful patina - gentle reminders of the delicious meals and special moments celebrated around a table with friends and family. Regular cleaning with a soft scrub cleaner will greatly reduce or eliminate this patterning.

PLEASE NOTE: each piece is truly one of a kind and finishes vary.


All Luvhaus Ceramics are made of high fire stoneware and are designed to stand the test of time and use in a modern kitchen. Please feel free to use in microwaves and dishwashers.


Shawn is a potter and designer whose love of ceramics first started as a teenager with an apprenticeship making 17th century American earthenware, at a small production studio in his home state of Maine. He founded Luvhaus in 2012 as a place to channel a long standing love of craft and design.

He leads a small team in Luvhaus’ West Oakland production studio, where their focus is on elevating functional design using time honored craft.