Mosen Desk Pad | Large


Our Mosen Desk Pad Felt is named after the felted wool ceremonial cloths used in traditional tea ceremonies. This desk pad was developed as an essential piece to add to your professional lifestyle and the foundation of our desk system. It's not just a base but the initial elegant element to set an efficient and intentioned workspace. 

  • 3mm Merino Wool Felt
  • Please note: Not an optimal writing surface
  • Overall: 31” W x 19 ½” H
    • Sustainable, biodegradable, and renewable
    • Odor, stain, heat, and dirt resistant
    • Oeko-Tex® Certified
    • Made in USA
    • Cleaning and Care
  • What happens if I spill something on my felt product? First, don't panic. The merino wool does not take color easily and most stains can be removed with a light soak and an absorbent towel.