Serving Friends


Whoever said food isn’t to be played with hasn’t met Serving Friends. These wooden spoons, carved into charming shapes, bring joy and humor to your dining table. No matter what you’re serving, they'll always be there to serve up smiles.

Product Details

oiled beech

flowers - 3.25 x 12 in
hands - 3 x 12 in
wavy - 3 x 12 in

Care Instructions:
Hand wash your Serving Friends with mild soap, then rinse and dry them thoroughly. Keep them in a dry location at room temperature. Do not soak or put them in the dishwasher as this will dry out the wood. Apply a mineral oil or olive oil whenever your Serving Friends feel dry. Rub with a wedge of lemon to keep them fresh and prevent bacteria. Safe to use with nonstick cooking surfaces.