Travel Tumbler Straps


A carry strap for KINTO tumblers. Ideal for hands-free walks and outdoor activities. The strap is adjustable and can be used by kids and adults. Two basic color variations are available: black and beige to match any KINTO tumblers.

2 sizes available:

75mm: A perfect fit for the Travel Tumblers (12oz & 17oz) 

80mm: A perfect fit for the Kinto Active Tumblers (20oz & 27oz)

Keep an eye on your children when they use this tumbler. Do not swing or pull the strap as it may cause breakage and, or injury. Do not wear the strap around your neck as it may cause choking or injury. Do not exercise or play while wearing the strap. Product size and shape varies in each item due to manufacturing process. Constant friction can cause the strap/product to bleed on other materials-especially when wet. To clean the strap, please hand wash with cold or warm water and let it dry completely. Do not use bleach and softner as it may cause the colors to fade. In order to avoid mold and rust, do not store the strap in a humid place.