Citronella Coil

Infuse your porch, patio, or picnic table with a fresh citrus aroma using our citronella coils. Crafted from compressed wood, it burns slowly, emitting the soothing scents of essential oils. Hang it from a hook for a modern twist on a classic bee skep.

Tan coil with black hanging thread.
Burn time approx. 36 hours.
Small hanging citronella incense holder sold separately.

Black coil with black handing thread.
Burn time approx. 150 hours.

Citronella is a commonly-used insect repellent that is non-toxic to humans and animals. Citronella grass originated in southeast Asia but is now grown throughout much of the tropics. For sweaty feet, a swipe from a citronella cloth or a spritz of spray will alleviate perspiration and leave the feet feeling cool and refreshed.

Outdoor use only.
Do not leave coil in rain or submerge in water.


Compressed wood dust scented with citronella and essential oils


7"l x 7"w x .75"h (small)
18"l x 18"w x .75"h (large)


Fredericks and Mae, located in Brooklyn, offers a curated collection of exquisitely designed objects that harmonize form, function, and fun. Gabriel Cohen and Jolie Signorile initiated their design collaboration during their senior year at Oberlin College, where chance placed them in adjacent design studios. Their partnership, forged through collaboration on their senior thesis, has blossomed into a successful professional venture since 2007.