'Kitchen' Large Himalayan Rock Salt Gift Set

Perfectly shaped Himalayan salt crystals are grated with the big and functional, yet beautiful, stainless steel grater. A grand natural oak wood board serves as a great stand and easily holds up to four additional salt rocks.

The grater

  • 20 cm (height) x 10/3,5 cm (width) x
    0,1 cm (thickness)

NOTE: your RIVSALT grater is comparable to a quality chef’s knife. To keep it sharp, shiny and rust free wash your RIVSALT grater by hand regularly using a mild dishwashing liquid and water. Use a brush to remove loose salt and dirt. After washing, rinse with water and dry thoroughly with a towel. The RIVSALT grater should not be put in the dishwasher. Doing so could damage the sharp edges. Please be aware that during hot weather and high humidity it is necessary to care a little extra for your RIVSALT and clean your grater more regularly.

The desk stand (wood board)

  • 22 cm (height) x 10,5 cm (width) x 2cm (thickness)
    manufactured out of FSC-certified oak wood.

The salt rock

  • Irregular dimension, but always above 80g

Cardboard round corner gift box

29 cm (height) x 13,5 cm (width) x
5,5 cm (thickness)

Total weight

  • 1 kg