Water Purifier


Aarke Purifier is a patented water filter pitcher in glass and stainless steel. It features a refillable steel filter cartridge and one customized refill bag of Pure filter granules. The granules are poured into the filter cartridge and make your tap water cleaner, better and more pleasurable.

A detachable silicone bumper is included. It protects the Purifier’s glass carafe from bumps and scratches.

Included in the box:

• 1 Water Purifier

• 1 Pure filter refill bag 

• Product manual

• Aarke cleaning cloth


Carafe: glass
Filter cartridge: stainless steel
Lid: stainless steel, BPA-free thermoplastic
Detachable bumper: food grade silicone


H: 10.8 in W: 6.7 in ⌀: 4.7 in


4.4 g

Manufactured in:



Pure Filter Granules, Enriched Filter Granules

Total capacity (carafe):

10 cups (2,36 L)

Filtered water capacity:

5 cups (1,18 L)

Filter change indicator:


Filter performance:

Up to 31,7 gallons (120 L) or up to 4 weeks

Filtration time:

3-5 minutes per litre (or per 4 cups)

Filter granules change interval (per bag):

4 weeks