Kitchen Towel in Oak Creek


Handwoven cotton kitchen towel. Substantial weight, will become softer and more absorbent with use.

Color palette inspired by our road trips through the red rocks of Sedona and expansive gradient sunsets in Arizona.

Our towels are a project we developed in order to work with a small artisanal weaving workshop in India. This project is a collaboration between makers, and many steps and hands go into the production of each piece. The yarns are dyed in our custom colors, first samples are made by the head weaver, then the production order is woven in home workshops by various weavers throughout the town. Each towel has characteristics that identify it as handmade, which remind of us the human connection made within each piece.

We hope you value the wabi sabi nature of each one, hand dyed yarns, uneveness of color, wavering selvage edges and skips and textures where two yarns meet in the weft. We do not view these as flaws, but as evidence of people-created craft.

Created with hand dyed yarns, the cotton towels are of substantial weight, and we love them in the kitchen for drying hands and dishes.

Made in India.

Approx 22” x 26