Reading Glasses #E

These tortoise IZIPIZI Reading Glasses style #E, features large, structured, trapezium shaped frames. High-quality, lightweight, and comfortable.

All IZIPIZI styles are unisex.

IZIPIZI was founded in 2010 by three French entrepreneurs Charles Brun, Quentin Couturier and Xavier Aguera. They reimagined traditional eyewear that is more stylish, fun, and affordable. The IZIPIZI collection has a range of shapes that boast vintage styles, offers modern colors, and wearability.

  • Magnifying glasses
    For presbyopic people, seeing clearly requires at first an additional effort and then becomes, little by little, impossible. It is then necessary to wear reading glasses to see closely.
  • Flex hinges
    Flexible and comfortable arms, with spring hinges, which adapt to all face shapes and sizes.