Layli Dyes Hard | The Dream Blanket


Months of sourcing & perfecting to find the *perfect* adult sized cotton muslin blanket - think swaddle blanket for YOU. 

Measures 55”x75”, four layers of delicious cotton muslin. Slightly weighted, but very breathable.

Has countless uses: beach & picnic blanket, couch throw, bed blanket, wrap myself in it by a campfire, when I need extra security it gives me a huge hug (thanks to the weight & intentions). Perfect for the fall & winter months approaching, perfect for those nights you’re snuggled up on the couch, very, very meant for giving you security & love right now when these insane times break us down, set with ultra mega hardcore intentions of security, peace, comfort, protection, joy, love, solace & the perfect slightly weighted hug. And it automatically makes any room look way cooler. The Dream shot on queen size beds for reference & flying through the air like a darn magic carpet.

Your Dream blanket is hand dyed by me, each will slightly vary as is the nature of this art form, giving you a one-of-a-kind wearable art piece