Scenic Layflat Notebook


The Sea notebook marries art with functionality.

It's meant to be used as a 'commonplace' notebook for sketching, journaling, or brainstorming your next best idea.

It has a quality organic texture and lays flat without resistance, providing a level and comfortable surface for writing and sketching.

"BTW, the cover of the Sea notebook displays a photo Annika took of the Santa Cruz coastline."


Size: A5 (5.82 x 8.26 inches)
Lay flat design with exposed binding
Page count: 200
Blank pages

Cover photo taken by Annika James (designer & founder of Case Study) in Santa Cruz, CA


Made from thick uncoated wood free paper. 300gsm weight.

Made from wood free paper which offers several environmental and economic benefits, including reduced deforestation, decreased energy consumption, and improved waste management.
100gsm weight.


Case Study, founded by our good friend Annika James in Santa Cruz, CA, is a design label specializing in stationery and productivity tools. Annika discovered that beautiful objects make daily routines more enjoyable. She realized there's something special about doing things the analog way—the feel of a physical calendar or the scratch of a pencil on paper. Her products bring motivation, inspiration, and a touch of fun to everyday tasks.