Hair Claw Clip 4"


Handmade in Italy and crafted from the highest quality resin. 100% Recyclable.

The Claw Clip is back and quintessential for all carefree hair days. Not your average claw clip, this one is made to last the clip is fastened with a long-lasting spring closure and polished to a glass-like shine.

Bordeaux: is a deep and sophisticated burgundy; its translucency gives it a realistic liquid-like glow.

Rosewater: is an airy pinkish mauve with a barely-there charm. Its translucency gives it a liquid glow like a much-needed elixir for any hairstyle.

Citrine Quartz: is a vast range of joyful colors, with sweeping creme and splashes of yellow. The stone look is bright and lively, bringing summer to your do.

Verde: is a strong and fresh green. Verde is that deep glossy houseplant green like the waxy leaves of a Monstera, bringing life to all of your hairstyles indoors or out.

Indigo Mica: is a rich deep blue. With subtle gold flecks flowing throughout, this sophisticated blue has a faint glimmer when it catches the light.

Greige: is a blend of beige and grey, creating a perfect neutral, an essential shade for the minimalist wardrobe.

Ivory: is a luxurious creamy white. Opaque in color and finished to a super high gloss.

Terra Cotta: is a realistic earthen tone of red clay for a naturalistic pop of color; it is as versatile as it is bold. Finished with a matte effect gives it a realistic, dusted clay appearance. 

Milkglass:  This glossy color is a delicate, slightly translucent milky white shade, creating a soft and dreamy look that's perfect for those who want a natural and understated style.