Good Seed Conditioner


Get hydrated and silky hair courtesy of seeds, stems, and flowers with this conditioner made from biodegradable, cutting-edge plant-based chemistry and extracts from Brassica Seed, Coconut, Amaranth and more. Salon grade results with no compromises on personal or planetary safety.

Pair with Bathing Culture Kelp Forest Shampoo for best results.

8 fl oz (237 ml)

Hydrate your hair with plant nutrition that supports bounce, body, and shine.
  • Seed-based conditioners and silicone alternatives reduce frizz and friction without the need for polyquaternary ingredients that pollute our waterways.
  • Rich in squalene and amino-rich extract, shown to provide bounce, body and shine.
  • Packed with Vitamin E, fatty acids and carotene, which can aid with strength and growth.
  • Packaging 100% post-consumer recycled bottles with reusable locking pumps
  • Salon grade formula without harsh chemicals
  • Designed for all hair types & colors