Simple Linen Cushion | 12" x 22"


GET STUFFED. Throw pillows with a luxurious feel that look great mixed or matched.



    Insert included
    Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified
    Insert is 95/5 feather down; made in the US and RDS certified
    Zipper closure, embroidered with the HNY logo in corner
    We're big fans of mixing and matching sizes and tones

    Machine washable

    Wash our linen before using to make it even softer. Hand or machine wash with like colors using mild detergent. Use cold water on a gentle cycle. You might see some lint after the first few washings but don’t fret: this is a natural result of the stone-washing process and will lessen over time. Washing helps soften and flatten the fibers, which makes them stronger. So we’re fans of frequent washings. Make sure you button up your duvets and zip up pillow covers to minimize damage when washing.

    If you like a crisper feel, line dry. For a softer touch, tumble dry on low. Remove the linen from the dryer while it’s just barely damp - this reduces wrinkles. If you’re a type A, iron on warm - not the linen setting. Make sure linen is totally dry when you put it away and don’t enclose it in plastic.

    Avoid fabric softener, dryer sheets, bleach, stain removers, color brighteners, or skin treatments. This can weaken the fibers and lead to discoloration.

    Finished, woven, and stonewashed in Portugal
    Insert: Made in USA.


    European linen cover
    Insert is 95/5 feather down; made in the US and RDS certified


    12"L x 22"W


    Hawkins New York is a home lifestyle brand born in 2013. The founders were unable to find the products they wanted, crafted in high quality materials and at a fair price-point. Determined to right this wrong, they began to make their own. Since then the creators of Hawkins NY have traveled the world partnering with talented artisans and careful producers capable of turning their ideas, sketches, and morning coffee-fueled dreams into tangible goods that one can look forward to looking at just as much as using everyday.
    The design brand's happy place lies directly at the intersection of form and function.