Stick-Um Candle Adhesive


Discover the best solution!

Apply a pea-sized amount of candle stick-um to the underside of the candle.

Now, you can ensure stability and simplicity for mismatched candle holders. Don't let your holiday or family dinner lose its charm due to sagging or tilting candles!

Press down and twist: Voila! The candle adheres securely.

Contrary to popular belief, Candlestick Holders come in various sizes...

For a snug fit and assurance against candle tipping:

Experiment with Stick-UM!



  • Never hardens
  • Will hold most candles in place
  • 1/2 oz. size.
  • biodegradable paraffin wax
  • washable with warm, soapy water

The stuff is essentially a tiny tin of colorless wax you can mold with your fingers that clings to whatever you spread it on. All you do is put a little bit of the adhesive on the bottom of a candle, and then place it in the holder (for an eight-inch taper, we’ve found thinly coating the whole bottom does the trick). The wax is strong enough to keep the candle upright, but malleable enough that it doesn’t stick to the holder itself (unlike melted candle wax when it dries), so there’s no mess to clean out when it comes time for a new candle — any adhesive left behind can be easily rubbed out, too.